The Life Member title


Since its foundation the University Library has been indebted to those noble Hungarian and foreign people who, with their donations, bequests and organizational activities, have contributed a lot to the formation and enrichment of the valuable collection of the Library.

The goal of the existence of the University Library is to serve science and erudition.  For this reason the Library is greatful to those members  who,  with their cooperation, advice always supported  the institution and who during the past decades used the Library as their second home and used its services day-by-day.

Those individuals who meet the above requirements, as a sign of gratitude and honor, the  UNIVERSITY LIBRARY LIFE MEMBER title is bestowed upon.

The document testifying the award is handed over to the candidates during a formal ceremony  held yearly.

Beside the title special Library services will be available for awardees in return to their commitment towards the Library.

List of awardees:

  • 2005
    • Dr. Árpád Bernáth
    • Dr. Mihály Ilia
  • 2006
    • Dr. Béla Rácz
    • Dr. Gábor Szabó
  • 2008
    • Dr. András Róna-Tas
  • 2009
    • Dr. Gábor Mezősi
    • Dr. Elemér Pál-Molnár
    • Dr. Zoltán Sümeghy
  • 2014
    • Dr. Béla Mader
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