The University Library of the University of Szeged, with its collections, traditional library services, electronic information and contents providing services and with its professional and committed staff is a central supporting institution of university instruction and research.

The tools with the help of which the University Library supports the extensive instructional, research and study activities of the University are the following:
•    collections, being developed dynamically, of traditional and non-traditional documents, information resources,
•    quick and effective access to external information sources,
•    traditional library and modern electronic services that are required by students, instructors and researchers to achieve their goals at the University and in their profession.

By continuous developments and applying new methods, the University Library makes every effort to establish and maintain such an organization, environment and infrastructure that provide a proper background for library information services and activities.

The tasks of the University Library come from its being a

•    higher educational central library
•    significant research library
•    university library
•    special library with national tasks and
•    library with regional tasks.

(1) The main task of the University Library as a central, independent educational and scientific service provider institution of the university is to supply the university with special literature and information partly with the help of its own collections and services, partly in cooperation with other libraries.

(2) Beside its direct university tasks, the University Library is active as a special library with national and regional responsibilities. As an open library it takes part in operating of the National Document Supply System (ODR).

(3) The tasks of the University Library:

a) in order to support studying, self-education, instruction and research at the University the Library continuously increases its holdings that consists of traditional and non-traditional (electronic) documents and information sources, that is, determined by the funds available, it acquires:

aa) special literature and information sources for the humanities and social sciences, life sciences, sciences, engineering, related applied and interdisciplinary sciences represented at the University,

ab) general and multidisciplinary works,

ac) Hungarian and foreign fiction used for university instruction,

ad) documents related to the history of the University and the region,

ae) documents supporting self-education at the University,

b) organizes and maintains cataloguing that ensures the bibliographic control,

c) endeavors to apply the latest information technology to reach the external information sources and to operate the Library effectively,

d) ensures modern access to its own holdings, to the internal and external sources and by that provides equal chances for the users of the Library,

e) provides regular information services for accessing and using the stock and information with special respect to the demands that are risen by scientific research, instruction, studying and individual expectations,

f) ensures the possibility for collecting and accessing information for students of the University in the Library,

g) in order to provide special literature and information necessary for instruction, research and studying in the most effective way, the Library cooperates with other libraries an higher educational institutions,

h) employs such professionals who are well-trained and committed to achieve the objectives set by the University Library,

i) the Library takes part directly in the instructional activity of the University by providing user education in the field of new and traditional information sources,  by creating and providing, basically digital, educational tutorials (e-learning), by contributing, with providing the professional background, fieldwork in the Library,  to the training of library and information science professionals,

j) as a library open to the public it ensures the basic library services for the residents of the town and the region.

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