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Through the computer terminals of the Library users can have access to the catalog of the Library which is a part of the integrated library system called Corvina. This module is in connection with Circulation therefore it makes possible to:

  • identify documents within the collection,
  • locate items,
  • obtain circulation information.

The database contains documents of the holdings of the University Library, including the material of those faculty, institutional and departmental libraries which moved into the new building. The location code of all such documents begin with the "EK" (University Library) abbreviation.   A certain part of the presently existing departmental, institutional libraries can also be found in the online catalog but in these cases the beginning of the location information is not EK. 

The libraries of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies (ETSZK), the Faculty of Agriculture (MGK) and the Bolyai Institute were not integrated into the new University Library. However, their material can also be searched in the online catalog of the University Library.

The stock of the special collections of the Library like Old Books Collection, Social Theory Collection, Oriental Collection, Music Collection etc. are also included in the online catalog together with the items of the University Collection. Besides, this latter and the material of the Media Center are searchable on a separate interface, too. 

Periodicals (printed and electronic as well), CD-ROMs, scores, CDs and LPs, DVDs are also included in the online catalog. 

For identifying a book the following are useful information:

  • basically the catalog contains the "virtual catalogue cards" of the books acquired after 1965. Previous years are also available but not fully processed;
  • therefore you may need to use the alphabetical card catalogue;
  • however, after September 16, 1996 we do not fill the card catalogues any more.

As for periodicals, every current periodical is in the catalog. From among the ones that are not current the Hungarian language periodicals are all included in the catalog and the foreign language stock is under processing. In case of newspapers only the current material is available through the catalog. Electronic periodicals can also be searched, moreover, free electronic sources are also filled into the catalog.


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