E-resources that have a great significance in learning, teaching and research are enriched by e-books, too that are purchased by the Klebelsberg Library.  These resources are located on the virtual shelf of the Library and also, these can be found in the online catalog of the Library. They are accessible by an unlimited number of users simultaneously.   The e-books are available within the full IP range of the University and can be used complying wiht the general rules related to electronic documents.

Starting from the left hand side menus of this page visitors can access e-books in an alphabetical or a thematic order.

Explanation for the data included in the lists:

  • works are arranged in the alphabetical order of titles (not authors)    
  • clicking the title of the work in red you will get the description of the work in the database of electronic documents (included in the online catalog of the Library) from where by clicking the URL written in the record the document itself is accessible
  • under the title names of authors can be found: Surname, Given name
  • e-help: through this form possible errors, problems of access can be indicated
  • in the last row information is included on the level of access: clicking this line you can access the document directly

E-books available presently:

The Library purchased the Thieme publishing house medical books package which consists of 42 e-books.  (Subscription covers the period until the end of 2009.) Picture atlases and text books of the package are parts of the Flexibook Atlases and Textbooks series that have been very popular among students and faculty for decades.

The Library subscribed through a consortium for a package containing roughly 80 e-books in the filelds of economy and business of the Elsevier publishing house.

8 works, covering library science and digital library, published by the Gale publishing house are also subsribed. (The link from here takes you to the screen of the Gale Virtual Reference Library Basic search where you can search for the title or author.)

The most important rules from the general rules related to the usage of electronic documents are: 

  • only a restricted quantity of data can be downloaded / printed, in one copy (e.g. full texts of books are not permitted, only chapters)
  • electronic texts are for personal usage in order to support learning and research
  • to pass saved / printed material to non-eligible persons is prohibited
  • modifying the contents is not allowed
  • citing from the texts is allowed only by referring to the source
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