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Overview (from the website of the NAVA)

The  National Audiovisual Archive of Hungary (NAVA) is a national legal deposit archive for Hungarian broadcasters therefore it collects audiovisual contents. The NAVA collects such programmes of Hungarian terrestrial televisions and radios which are prepared in Hungary or  have any relation to Hungary. Beside, the NAVA also processes and archives locally produced audiovisual contents to help to preserve these contents as parts of Hungarian cultural  heritage. The NAVA has the similar role for broadcast programmes as the National Széchényi Library has for printed materials or the National Film Archive for films.

The archive of the NAVA can be freely searched, the Hungarian World Newsreels or the examination films of the University of Drama, Film and Theatre are accessible from everywhere but the NAVA legal deposit archive and other materials of the special collections, in accordance with copyright law, are available only at the NAVA-points. 

The Klebelsberg Library of the University of Szeged is a NAVA-point, too through which this audiovisual archive can be accessed by the students, faculty and researchers of the University.

The point of access in the Library is: all the terminals of the 1st and 3rd floor computer labs. 

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