Certain study materials are available on the virtual shelf of the Library, in the electronic textbook collection.

According to the level of accessibility, there are three categories of these electronic materials, digitized textbooks:
  • public (available from everywhere via the Internet),
  • available within the network of the University of Szeged,
  • accessible within the intranet of the USZ Klebelsberg Library.
Information related to access can be located both in the descriptions of the e-textbook collection and in the catalog records. That is, these works can be identified in the online catalog of the Library.

For accessing materials, users shoud have a valid University Library reader's ticket. There are two ways to log in with the barcode number of the library card
  • approaching from the the online catalog: click to the URL given in the record (access information), then give the barcode number of your card
  • approaching from the home page (E-resources/USZ study materials/A-Z):
    • click to the red line (title of the work) which leads you to the catalog record. Then click to the URL provided there and on the next screen give the barcode number of your card
    • clicking to the green line (access information) takes you to the electronic textbook collection (http://ejegyzet.bibl.u-szeged.hu). Log in with the barcode number of your card.
Other information to understand the abc list:
  • works are arranged alphabetically according to titles (and not authors),
  • e-help is available: possible problems can be indicated through the form,
  • information is available on the level of accessibiliy, way, log in, downloading.
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