Trial access in May for medical students

We are offering great opportunities to our students this month. The Library has trial access to four different, specific e-sources in May. These databases of Thieme and Wolters Kluwer's publishers are primarily for students and teachers in life sciences but we recommend it to everyone.


Thieme e-book Library

The publisher offers a huge package with 85 titles in life sciences.

During the trial period you are able to download the full version of books as well.

Teaching Assistant Anatomy

The illustrations and pictures of the Thieme Anatomy Atlas are available to download in very high quality and resolution in JPG/PPT or PDF format.

You can customize every illustration as you wish (English/Latin subtitles, zooming, font size etc.) It is a highly useful aid for teachers and students alike.

User guide

Visible Body

The site is a useful collection of interactive segments and 3D models. You can select, rotate, move or hide each structure, and attach your personal notes to it. You can also download the final material you created.

On the site there are also quizzes to check your knowledge!

Acland's video Atlas of Anatomy

This collection contains direct video recordings of real human anatomic specimens with detailed comments. On the site you can also test yourself, as part of preparing for your exams.

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