Nagy KUL-TÚRA 2009


Beside providing up-to-date information sources for studying and research to faculty and students of the University, the University Library believes that making the new generations, soon becoming university students, get acquainted with the modern resources available in the library, as in one of the most important institutions of the information society is also an important task of the Library.

That is why we participated in the “Nagy Kul-TÚRA” project of the Ministry and Education and Culture. We were among those significant libraries which were supported destinations of visits for elementary and secondary schools.

We are aware that school libraries provide much to students in the course of acquiring information and culture. But we also believe that it is not useless for them  to learn about such new information techniques, documents, electronic databases and multimedia materials that they cannot have experience with, basically because of financial reasons, in the school libraries. We think that it can be inspiring for them to see a modern, 21st century library environment of a 12-faculty and 30000-student large university. A visit in our Library may have influence on the learning habits of students and on the process when they select the site of their higher education studies.

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