Current Newspapers and General Periodicals


The Current Newspapers and General Periodicals reading room is located on the ground floor in the right wing of the building. Current issues of newspapers (dailies, weeklies) and journals are housed here, basically with general and comprehensive contents but there are also some periodicals covering certain disciplines.  (Back issues and the majority of discipline related journals are located in the respective reading rooms.)

Visitors will find latest issues on the shelves while behind the shelves issues of the current quarter or year are stored. Bound material for earlier periods is either in one of the reading rooms or, mainly, in the stack rooms.

Newspapers are arranged according to languages, within that in abc order. Order of languages: Hungarian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Slavonic languages. 

Newspapers are followed by journals arranged according to their coverage, irrespectively to the frequency of their publication. 

Topics are as follows:

  • religion
  • library and information science
  • philosophy
  • psychology
  • social sciences
  • education
  • sport, recreation
  • arts
  • science
  • applied sciences
  • linguistics
  • literature
  • history, civilization

Every serials has got a number. This helps to locate it in the reading area. The notation is on the top right hand side corner of the issue: the combination of two letters (ÁF) and a number (1-626). Issues of a certain periodical bear always the same number.

In case of dailies, issues of the current month are held on the ground floor. Previous issues are kept in the stack rooms. Newspapers are available only in the stack rooms.  Articles from bound volumes of newspapers, for preservation reasons,  are not available for photocoppying. Requests for researching newspapers should be submitted to the Enquiry Desk librarians.

Requests for periodicals housed in the stack rooms can be sent via the "Storage request program" of the computer system. 

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