Reading rooms


In the reading rooms books and periodicals are shelved according to different branches and areas of science and knowledge. 

The five reading rooms are located in the right wing of the building:

  • General and Social Sciences Reading Room (1st floor)
  • Historical Sciences  Reading Room (2nd floor)
  • Hungarian and Foreign Languages and Literatures Reading Room (3rd floor)
  • Mathematics and Sciences Reading Room (4th floor)
  • Life and Medical Sciences Reading Room (4th floor)

The periodicals of the reading rooms (as everywhere) are excluded from borrowing. However, from the point of borrowing, there are three types of books placed on the shelves within each subject area:

  • borrowable
  • only for local use
  • only for local use but borrowable for the night.

It means that visitors can take the books from the shelves and if they want to read them only for a short period or the books are not borrowable they can use the material in the reading rooms, or they can carry the borrowable books down to the Loan Section and borrow them because they need them for a longer period.  The majority of the books available on the open access shelves is borrowable.

It is also the reading rooms where documents of certain special collections, the reference material and the books received through interlibrary loan can be used.

Beside traditional documents, visitors will be able to use CD-ROMs and audio cassettes as well in the reading rooms. 

Additionally to providing books for checking out, these light and comfortable areas are proper places for reading, learning and using computers.

Librarians are available in every reading room to help finding the books and periodicals both in the on-line catalogue and on the shelves.

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