Electronic registration to the Library through the MODULO

The Klebelsberg Library intends to make library registration for USZ students more simple and comfortable. For this purpose students are required, before their first visit to the Library, to declare their intention to register to the Library via the electronic form of the MODULO system. Those who have registered earlier in the traditional way should act accordingly. 

The form and other information is available on the list of ,,Beadási helyek" under "SZTE Klebelsberg  Könyvtár" in the MODULO.


  1.  Every person over the age of 14 who accepts the Library Rules and Policies can be a member of the USZ University Library.
  2. Membership can be acquired through registration. Registration means that the Library makes records of the personal data of the patron and that s/he, with his/her signature, expresses his/her intention to register to the Library. In case of USZ students declaration of intention to register to the Library in the MODULO is required for registration.
  3. The records are on computer. Their usage by the Library complies with the law and the Library uses them exclusively for library purposes.
  4. Data required for registration are:
    name, birth name, mother’s birth name, place and date of birth, permanent address, temporary or mailing address, number of personal ID (or passport in case of foreigners), e-mail. Additionally,
    for USZ faculty/staff members: faculty, department or institute, campus phone number;
    for USZ students: registration through MODULO is required. In this case data are transferred from the ETR to the Library;
    for all other users: occupation, name and place of workplace.
  5. Library users can check their data at any time. They are expected to report any changes in the data.
  6. Data of users who terminate their membership and do not have unpaid fines or book debts will be deleted from the records in the year following the reference year.
  7. Documents required for registration in all cases: a personal ID and address card (in case of foreign persons passport).
    Additionally, in case of
    • USZ faculty/researchers/staff:
      • a document certifying employment at the University
      • USZ faculty/staff ID card (in the lack of this 1 photo)
    • USZ students:
      • USZ student ID card validated for the respective term (in the lack of this a school attendance certification and 1 photo)
    • all other users:
      • documents for possible reductions (e.g. teacher ID; valid student ID released by a Hungarian educational institution, etc.)
      • 1 photo (with the exception of having a student ID).
  8. Library membership is valid for the actual academic year and should be renewed for every year.
    (For USZ students registered through the MODULO membership renewal is automatic.) For renewal book debts should be settled.
  9. The permanent student or faculty/staff ID card accepted and recorded during registration will serve as library visitor’s card.
    In all other cases the Library will provide a valid visitor’s card.  
  10. The library visitor’s card is not transferable.  
  11. The loss of the visitor’s card should immediately be reported. The Library will not be liable for the consequences of any misuse of lost cards. 
  12. Basically, the valid visitor’s card entitles patrons to use the holdings of the Library on site.
    Information on available services is included in the respective information brochures. Conditions for borrowing are included in the Circulation Policy of the Library.  
  13. Fees related to registration:


borrowing +
on-site usage

Only on-site usage

academic year

whole2nd term
 2500 HUF1800 HUFFree


Teachers, students






USZ Alma Mater members

1000 HUF700 HUFFree
1000 HUF700 HUF

Students of the Ságvári Endre Practice Grammar School and the  Vántus István Music School

Senior citizens (below 70 years), people with disability pension, GYED, GYES, registered unemployed people

Students, staff, faculty, pensioners of the University


Employees of certain partner institutions* of the USZ

Librarians, archivists, curators

Senior citizens  (above 70 years), people with disabled persons ID


Replacement of visitor’s card

500 HUF

In case of justified request the head of the Readers’ Services Department or the director of the Library  may reduce the registration fee or may exempt people from paying the fee.

* Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research, Institute for Biotechnology (Bay Zoltán  Alkalmazott Kutatási Alapítvány Biotechnológiai Intézete), BIOPOLISZ Ltd. (Biopolisz Szegedi Innovációs Szolgáltató Kft.), Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Hungarian Southern Great Plain Bio Innovation Centre Non-profit Company (Dél-Alföldi Bioinnovációs Centrum Kht.), Cereal Research Ltd. (Gabonatermesztési Kutató Kht.), Móra Ferenc Museum (Móra Ferenc Múzeum), MTA Biological Research Centre -  Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Szegedi Biológiai Központ), Gál Ferenc College of Theology (Gál Ferenc Szegedi Hittudományi Főiskola), UNIVOTEC Ltd. (Unicotec Kht).

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