Local use of documents from the open access shelves in the reading rooms

There are near 300,000 volumes available from the open access shelves of the reading rooms of the University Library.

We equipped each book and periodical of each reading room with a colored label. The yellow, green, brown, blue and purple labels show which reading room the book or periodical belongs to, while the notation marks on the labels help to find the items within the reading rooms. Every such work that can be located in this way in the reading rooms can be taken from the shelves and can be used locally during the opening hours of the Library.

The thematic arrangement will be very useful when our readers do not only look for certain books but, by browsing the material, intend to collect material for a topic. However, in order to identify a particular document, that is, to learn the proper notation mark it is recommended to consult the on-line catalogue first.

Last Updated on Sunday, 15 April 2012 13:21

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